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  • Saint Martin’s Church, Genappe, Belgium

    Owner: commune of Genappe Adress: Place Comte Cornet, 1474 Genappe Additional information on Wikipedia Listed in 1963 This classicist church dates from the 18th century. It is a typical construction, mainly in brick masonry. The lower parts of the walls, and the window frames, are in local natural stone, such as Belgian blue stone, and […]

  • Basilica di San Marco, Venezia, Italy

    Position: Saint Mark Square, Venice Ground level on Comune Marino according to Ramses system (Insula): around +80 cm on comune marino (C.M.), Crypt: -18 cm on comune marino Description and History [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] The Saint Mark’s Basilica is the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Venice and, since 1807, the […]

  • “Agorà” (ex Zuccherificio Eridania), Ferrara, Italy

    Owner: University of Ferrara Description: The Italian case study is located in the city of Ferrara, in the  southwest area with respect to the historic center of Ferrara, over the Po branch river, Canale Burana,  which was very active in the past and that today serves as a drainage canal. The case study Agorà, is a […]

  • Felix Warehouse, Antwerp, Belgium

    Owner: City of Antwerp Adress: Oude Leeuwenrui 29, 2000 Antwerp Listed in 1976 Additional information from the Flemish Cultural Heritage Administration Description: Warehouse, constructed in 1853 near the Antwerp harbour, designed for storage of goods. Burnt down in 1861, and was reconstructed in 1863. The building is very wide, and consists of massive brick masonry. […]