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Application and Impact

The aims of this project are to come to a scientifically based evaluation of the effectiveness of different methods against rising damp and to define a support tool for a conscious choice and successful use of these methods in the practice of conservation. The practical results of the project can be summarized as:

  • Establishment of a European-wide overview of existing methods, including the compatibility with, and effectiveness on historic buildings.
  • The establishment and definition of a common procedure and criteria for the evaluation of interventions against rising damp, to be defined on the basis of the experience of the partners.
  • EU broad overview of the effectiveness of existing methods, elaborated on the existing experience and on the knowledge acquired by the investigation of case studies.
  • The development of a decision support tool on the feasibility and the risks of existing methods, helping actors involved in conservation to arrive at a conscious choice and successful application of these methods in the practice.
  • Build up a European network of experts with state of the art knowledge in this field.