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BuildwiseBuildwise is a research institute representing all Belgian building contractors. It was founded in 1960 and has three main missions. The first is to lead scientific and technical research for the benefit of its members, the second is to provide information, assistance and technical advice for its Members and the third is to contribute to innovation and development in general in the building sector, in particular by executing research under contract from the industry or public bodies.

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isac cnrThe research activities of CNR-ISAC concern many basic aspects of atmospheric physics, chemistry and biology, which are of relevance in the field of environmental protection. The unit has great experiences on the impact that climate and microclimate produces on cultural heritage, including the identification of strategies for conservation and of environmental technology for the damage assessment and management of cultural assets both indoor and outdoor. Research activities are in particular devoted to climate change impact on building materials and pollution effects on moveable and immoveable Cultural Heritage, including effects of multi-pollutants, sea-salts and biological particles. The unit is involved in university teaching and professional training courses in the fields of atmospheric physics, climate change, microclimate, biodeterioration, durability of building materials and sustainable protection of cultural heritage. It has wide experience in EU project coordination and participation.


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tu delftDelft University of Technology is the largest technical university in the Netherlands and internationally leading in scientific research. The group (RMIT), involved in this project, resides within the Department of Architectural Engineering + Technology, one of five departments within the Faculty ofArchitecture. The department stands for top-level research aimed at achieving an integration of design and engineering. The RMIT research addresses questions related to conservation and restoration of built cultural heritage, integrating different levels, from the urban to the material scale. Research at RMIT is supported by industrial and government programmes. Collaboration with national and international research centres is on-going.
The personnel involved in the project has a broad experience in many national and European projects on built cultural heritage.


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rceThe Cultural Heritage Agency is part of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The Agency works to protect the Netherlands’ most important movable and immovable heritage. Using its specialist knowledge, the Agency ensures monuments and historic buildings, the archaeological resource, the landscape, and fine and applied arts are properly cared for. We are jointly responsible for managing the Netherlands’ cultural heritage. The Agency possesses a great deal of knowledge, in books and in digital format, but above all in the experience of the people who work here. We develop knowledge and are only too happy to share it with others. The Cultural Heritage Agency identifies the need for knowledge, gathers and validates data and information, programmes and performs research and uses new and existing knowledge when advising third parties. The Agency also works closely with national and international research institutes and heritage organisations, allowing us to apply knowledge developed elsewhere, too. Property owners, users, local and provincial authorities and commercial parties are kept informed of policy, legislation and developments in knowledge through meetings, courses and information days.

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Ca' Foscari University of VeniceCa’ Foscari University of Venice has a national and international outstanding reputation for academic excellence in both teaching and research. At the moment Ca’ Foscari it is the 3rd Italian university in the 2012 ranking. There are almost 20,000 students, 4,000 new enrolments per year, more than 3,500 graduates per year. The Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics andStatistics, established in 2011, merges expertise fromEnvironmental Sciences, Computer Science and Statistics.Interactions among DAIS scientists ensure that research activitiesare based on a multidisciplinary approach. DAIS providesinnovative approaches to the analysis and management of information and environmental systems, underpinning sustainable development and preservation of the cultural heritage. Considering the strong relation between the city and the environment, the DAIS is involved since many years in the study of the materials used in the Cultural Heritage, the investigation of materials behaviour in relation to environmental conditions, the development of new technologies for the conservation and the restoration and monitoring of artefacts in collaboration with local and international private and public Institutions. DAIS hasbeen involved in many European and international projects for research and educational development.


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The Restauri Speciali S.R.L. was founded in 2007 by Pambianco Mauro, after the experience with Restauri Speciali S.N.C. (since 1993). It deals with monumental restoration with conservative methods, recovery and traditional techniques. Its specialization is the restoration of housing in town centers. Restauri Speciali has a recognized experience in the following fields: The dehumidification of historic and modern buildings with pressure injection of silicone resin, the structural consolidations with carbon fiber, concrete, limes and resins (in all the currently known variants), the horizontal and vertical perforations, micropiles, special waterproofing with sodium bentonite and the cleaning of facades with pressure water washing and microsandblasting. Restauri Speciali offers its know-how and their technical solutions for technicians, enterprises and institutions.



DiasenDiasen is an international company who has been designing, developing and producing for 25 years products and systems to waterproof, insulate and restore any kind of surface area. Diasen solutions, characterized by a high technological content and oriented to the radical reduction of the probability of error by the applicator, follow a careful policy research and production oriented to the respect of the environment. Diasen mission is to assist in direct contact with designers, companies and distributors, offering intervention methods designed to solve individual problems and meet the particular needs of each building site, from the design phase to that of laying. The excellence of technical service, the continuous quality control of raw materials and products, the growing investments dedicated to R&D, together with the guarantee of quality certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, have allowed Diasen solutions to be used in prestigious projects both nationally and internationally, asserting the company’s success increasingly present on the international scene of modern construction.

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